Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I'm not sure there could be anything cuter than Rina on roller skates. We went to our friend Drew's 11th birthday party on Sunday at the skating rink and the girls had a really great time. Juliana chickened out of the skating end of things early on -- but she learned how to shoot pool, burned some quarters in the pinball machine and ate plenty of pizza. But Rina...oh my! Turns out she's a talented and fearless little skater. (It helps that she bounces.) We're going to go back again soon and let her really show her stuff.

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Jan said...

Katrina looks SOOO CUTE on skates.
Nini recognizes Katrina's picture and says, "I like her".

We're going skating Saturday, but I wasn't sure if I should let Nini skate. If Katrina can do it than Nini can too, maybe!?!