Thursday, January 24, 2008

Baby Steps

I'm taking baby steps toward feeding my family better! I've been baking my own bread -- my goal is that my children will one day have no memory of storebought bread. A bajillion thanks to Farmgirl for being so inspiring, and especially for recommending Bernard Clayton's New Complete Book of Breads -- it's been a lifesaver. The Buttermilk White bread is outstanding and is our new sandwich bread of choice. And the only loaf I've made so far that didn't turn out was a recipe from the back of the flour bag -- all of Mr. Clayton's recipes have been successful. I'll take a few photos of upcoming loaves and post them here when I can.

I also want to thank Amanda for recommending We received our first shipment of produce yesterday and it's wonderful. Reasonably priced, fresh and yummy, and 100% organic (now if only it didn't have to be shipped...! ...carbon emissions and fuel consumption will be the death of my conscience). It's really going to help me feed fresh, nutritious things to my family in the dead of winter, when everything at the grocery store seems too expensive and too "plastic." I hate conventionally-grown, genetically-modified, blemish-free, perfectly-sized, perfectly-shaped, waxed and shined and polished fruits and veggies. Ick.

It's just baby steps, but it's helping.

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