Friday, January 9, 2009

Kitchen Demolition

The kitchen was next for the wrecking ball. Actually sledge hammers, hammers and crowbars. We've tried to save as much of the trim as possible to re-use later. There's nothing too fancy about the trim as it was put in sometime during the 50’s, but it’s in good shape and should clean up nicely. The original owners wallpapered right over the plank walls. Sometime in the 50’s drywall was put up and painted. They didn't tape and mud the corner joints; instead, they put up simple crown molding. We will be leaving what drywall we can, since it is in pretty good shape. Most of the seams have small cracks so we will tape and mud them. The wiring was also updated at this time. All the wiring is flexible armored cable, and will all be replaced.

We were glad to have help with the major demo from out friends Jim and Terri from State College (pictures are currently MIA. We had computer crash shortly after this and all of our pictures from this time period are on a CD floating around our house. Once we find it we’ll update with the pictures). Terri was a great help pulling all the little nails in the floor that was used to hold the underlayment that Jim and I tore up. The only major thing that we did not move was the coal stove. The previous tenant had the coal stove functioning as a hot water heater (?!?). The coal stove would eventually be moved out, but at this point we had no idea how to move it – it’s a monster.

With the demo completed, framing of the new walls began. Before we got too far with the framing we submitted the layout for the kitchen to the landlords for approval. This layout also included our plan for the back room. The back room runs the width of the house, and is about 7 feet deep with low (7’) ceilings. It consisted of 3 small rooms and the floor had a pretty decent slope to it, one that you would expect to find on a porch to let the water run off. Our plan was to tear all of the interior walls out of the backroom, put in a ¾ bathroom, large pantry/laundry/dog area and a small office/computer room. There were 2 doors going from the kitchen to the back room. One door went to one small room and the other door went to another small room. The new floor plan eliminated one of the doors, which allowed us to create a larger floor plan for the kitchen. To our delight the layout came back approved. JJ was thrilled to have planned for an island with an overhang at bar-stool height, so that the whole family can eat together in the kitchen – 9 years of lugging dinner to a separate dining room is long enough. Things really shifted into high gear now. We began to get quotes for the kitchen cabinets, counter tops and flooring.

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